Beating the Heat While Pregnant: 20 Ideas to Survive Pregnancy In The Summer

surviving pregnancy in the summer

Ahhh…summer. It’s my favorite time of the year. The sunshine, warm breezes, eating outdoors, going to the pool. Each year, summer goes by far too fast – except the summer I was pregnant. That summer couldn’t come and go quick enough!
I’m not alone in my feelings. Many a pregnant mama has come to me in my childbirth classes complaining of constant sweating, swollen feet, chaffed thighs and just plain worn from the summer heat.
It’s no wonder that summer can feel grueling instead of carefree. A pregnant woman maintains a slightly higher core temperature than normal (as a result of an increase in metabolic rate and hormonal changes), has up to 40% more blood supply and carries extra weight on her frame from baby, placenta, and fluids.
Pregnancy any time of the year can bring some strange stuff your way, but during the summer it’s just all kicked up a notch. The further along in your pregnancy, the greater the summertime blues. So, if you are pregnant this summer and feeling the effects of humidity and heat like never before, grab a cold drink, put your feet up in the a/c, and heed the advice of our wise (and often pregnant) Alpha instructors:
1. “I slept on the couch downstairs at times. Heat rises and we don’t have air conditioning so it was cooler downstairs than upstairs.” Cris Harper teaching in Oceanside and Vista, CA.
2. “I exercise indoors so I can benefit from the air conditioning, and I spend as much time as I can in the buoyancy of the YMCA pool”, Heather Price teaching in Nashville, TN.
3. “Wear light, loose-fitting, breathable clothing and sleep with cotton sheets (and cotton undies!).” Kate Fahs teaching in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
4. “Hydrate to keep away preterm contractions. If you feel like you are getting over heated, find a cool place. Listen to your body.” Trena Campbell teaching soon in Atlanta, GA.
5. “Keep plenty of wet washcloths in the fridge. You can drape them on the back of your neck or lay one across your forehead while resting/napping.” Karla Riley teaching soon in Atlanta, GA.
6. “My favorite heat-of-the-day snack were frozen grapes. And when we had a watermelon I would take leftovers, mash the fruit and pour into Popsicle molds.” Annie Reeder teaching in Nashville, TN.
7. “Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water! It tastes so much better to me dressed up a little. Either drink sparkling mineral water, or add lemon, lime, and/or cucumber to tap water. Coconut water is great for hydration too.” Kerri Kristoff teaching in Hinsdale and Mokena, IL.
8. “My number one piece of advice is to listen to your body. If you need to sit, sit. Need a nap, nap. Get into AC or a pool to cool down further.” Kathy Jordan teaching in La Mesa, CA.
9. “Remove any rings from your fingers before you have to bust out the coconut oil to get them off! (Swelling hands in the third trimester is common.)” Megan Hill teaching in Marion, OH.
10. “Walking to encourage labor has to be done indoors, like in a store or mall.” Rebekah Chandler teaching (after her maternity leave) in Columbia, SC.
11. “I was pregnant with my second through the summer. My son and I got wet outside in the backyard everyday. We would fill up the baby pool or hose each other off then enjoy some fresh fruit or something cold to drink.” Krissy Jinkerson teaching in Spring Hill, TN.
12. “I discovered a dusting of California Baby baby powder helped immensely in the line between where your breasts and belly are in close quarters.” Annie Reeder teaching in Nashville, TN.
13. “Wear comfortable sandals and flip flops on those hot, swollen feet (sometimes a half size larger than normal).” Kathy Jordan teaching in La Mesa, CA.
14. “Use a hand-held water mister fan. You may even want to add a couple drops of essential oil like lavender or peppermint (but before using essential oils in pregnancy, always check with a professional to ensure they are safe to use).” Karla Riley teaching soon in Atlanta, GA.
15. “Make sure to get your feet up frequently throughout the day as the heat increases swelling.” Kate Fahs teaching in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
16. “While at home, especially in the evening, take off your bra and underwear and just wear a sundress or nightie to alleviate the tightness and let everything breathe!” Heather Price teaching in Nashville, TN.
17. “Go to a mall or movie theatre for the afternoon.” Megan Hill teaching in Marion, OH.
18. “Don’t turn on your oven! Plan on making lots of healthy and easy summer salads and utilize the slow cooker to make meals that don’t warm up your home.” Sarah Crupper teaching in Wyoming, MI.
19. “Get into a bathing suit and enjoy a dip in the pool or a swim in the lake. It will cool you down and make you feel much lighter (yeah for buoyancy!). You can get a maternity suit or wear a non-maternity bikini to show off that baby bump.” Annie Reeder teaching in Nashville, TN.
20. “Make sure to apply and reapply sunscreen when out in the sun. Your skin is more sensitive while pregnant and you may burn faster than normal. I like The Honest Company’s SPF.” Kerri Kristoff teaching in Hinsdale and Mokena, IL.