Alpha Study Weekly Resources

As an Alpha student, we want to offer you an array of resources outside of class instruction time. Some of these links are articles, some are videos. Each week, these beneficial resources shouldn’t take more than an hour to watch and read. Enjoy.

Week One: Kindness

A 9 minute TED talk from Alexandar Tsiaras and article about lifestyle and anatomy.

Why real food? An intriguing TedX talk from Robyn O’Brien.

Decipher the Cipher about Food Labels.

Remember that little talk about fermented foods and gut health? The human microbiome in regards to birth.

Let’s look some more at the Pelvic Floor.

What the Squat? C’mon, read this.

An audio playlist of suggestions for Worship.

An audio CD that some Christian mothers have found for meditating on God’s word. Includes quiet music for relaxation tracks as well.  Childbirth In the Glory – Janet Angela Mills

Week Two: Goodness

In the short movie “Birth by the Numbers,” Gene Declercq, PhD, Professor of Maternal and Child Health at the Boston University School of Public Health, presents sobering statistics about birth in the United States. Providing credible data-based evidence, this 20-minute film debunks popular myths about what’s driving the United States cesarean rate increase. Working on our birth plans and knowing how our care provider plans to work with us through labor is important.

Here, an article from the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services with questions to ask our care providers and to evaluate our priorities.

The natural process of labor. A video description of the normal process of labor, explaining with pelvis, baby, and uterus. This description uses the Rule of the Four P’s: passage, passenger, powers, and psychology. We discuss both of these in class, and psychology plays into Ina May Gaskin’s theory of the Sphincter Law. The Rule of Four P’s and Sphincter Law we’ll delve into more in Week Three, but this is a great thorough clip to watch to review the process of labor.

So when are you due? A little more about that pesky due date following a release from ACOG. Let’s focus on due months, mk?

A beautiful booklet, easy to read and understand, that will give you a good basis for your Alpha class next week: Pathway to Healthy Birth .


Week Three: Gentleness

Hormones in Labor, another way to look at the symphony of hormones in God’s design.

Here you can view 6 Healthy Birth Practices video clips, created by Lamaze International.

The Benefits of Natural Labor

Henci Goer on Cytotec: article referenced in Alpha book.

On induction pertaining to low water and PROM: one of the top reasons at the end of pregnancy, low amniotic fluid, here Gloria Lemay, contributing editor to Midwifery Today Magazine outlines the truth behind low amniotic fluid at the end of pregnancy as a reason for induction. Another reason given for induction is you must deliver within so many hours of a water break. A contributor of keeps a blog and wrote this article, citing a specific study about rupture of membranes before labor.

Helpful circuit of positions, known as the Miles Circuit, and activity to use during active labor.

An article on the risks and benefits of using opiates or narcotic pain relief during labor: includes the most commonly used drugs and each one’s description, administration, etc.

Cervical scar tissue: an article and podcast.

Yes, we talk about reading through the Cesarean Section article in your Alpha book. However, if watching a clip is more your style, here’s one for you. You ought to know that this team in Great Britain works toward a style that attempts to mimic a natural birth. For the squeamish: this clip DOES show surgery. If surgery is indicated in your situation, here are some things to think about to empower you to have as baby and mother friendly cesarean as possible. The Natural Cesarean Informative Clip.

Here is a chart that outlines the risks of an epidural. Use this chart, so that if you choose to use an epidural, you can help minimize the risks associated with it.

Consumer Reports: What to Reject When You’re Expecting.


Week Four: Peace

Ina May Gaskin clips about childbirth: sphincter law, oxytocin & opiates.

Quick List of 30 Comfort Measures from Henci Goer.

How to do a Relaxing Hand and Arm Massage Video.

A 7 minute clip of a home water birth at this page from Your Birth Coach. There are three videos on this page, the last clip shows the actual birth, as ungraphically as possible:) There are many other videos available on Your Birth Coach’s website, feel free to browse around and watch some touching birth videos, just remember, they are BIRTH videos.

Labor, Birth, Immediate Postpartum and ‘Why This Birth was so Easy’ Video Blog Clips from Mama Natural, Genevieve.


Week Five: Joy

Keeping Mother and Baby Together after Birth. This article is wonderful, and the video clip at the end is a sight to behold.

Penny Simkin on Delayed Cord Clamping.

An easy article to reference on benefits of breastfeeding, as well as tips in initiating breastfeeding, from CIMS.

five minute clip on different positions to hold baby for breastfeeding, how to bring baby to breast, and signs to look for in breastfeeding.

Video clip on an approach to latching newborn baby, and see how to get a deep latch with baby opening wide.

Here are too many video clips to link to individually, but Dr. Jack Newman and lactation consultant Edith Kernerman have made this site, Breastfeeding, Inc. as a resource for all things breastfeeding. Well-researched and an excellent proper resource for videos and information sheets. Also available in other languages.

A useful video tutorial on Marmet, the hand expression technique for breasts. Useful to relieve some engorgement before latching baby.

One of the first online resources to turn to for any question regarding breastfeeding. is a wealth of well organized articles about nursing.

Helpful article and illustrations on proper baby-wearing and swaddling to prevent hip dysplasia.

Watch a 3 minute clip from a chiropractor about changing baby’s diaper to help reduce colic.

Infant sleep: Dr. Sears recommendations, History, Attitudes and Safety of Sleep, and Guidelines to Sleeping Safe with Infants.

Placenta Benefits. This article about scientific research, and many more at

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