How much is class?

The class fee varies by location and class offering; please see the class page and listing specific to your needs.

When should I take class?

Whenever your schedule allows, but we’ve found good timing to be in the 6th or 7th month of pregnancy, or completing class by your 36th week of gestation.

I am a Christian, but am not active in my faith. Is this class for me?

Yes. We are all in different places in our journeys, and we welcome individuals from all walks of the Christian faith, as well as individuals that have not accepted Christ. The large portion of spiritual relaxation tools are independently practiced as a part of homework, and you can customize your tools to you.

This is not my first baby, can I still attend class?

Absolutely! We have second, third and later time moms join us for class. Some moms are looking to improve on their first birth experience, and others didn’t take a class with their first birth experience. We appreciate having new moms and experienced moms as part of the same class.

I don’t have a babysitter. If my children are quiet, can they come to class with me?

Please contact the instructor of your area’s class. Occasionally, there is a separate room in which children can quietly entertain themselves, but please consider your children’s capacity and duration in quietly entertaining themselves. We want the class environment to be conducive to learning and relaxation for all class participants.

What if I need to miss a class?

Before registering for you class, contact your instructor to make arrangements. She may be able to provide you extra helps so that you don’t miss out on information from that week.

I’m not sure if I should take a childbirth class, help?

A childbirth class is for everyone expecting a baby. Preparation for such a life changing event as birthing a baby can only help you by having a firm understanding of what to expect throughout the process of birth, and thus increase peace before, during and after birth. A childbirth class can help you and your birth partner prepare for labor, birth, and beyond. Alpha will teach you what to expect during labor and birth, and help you prepare for your birth experience. Here’s a brief, non exhaustive list of what you can expect to learn at your Alpha class:

  • The divine process of labor and birth
  • Write a birth plan
  • Nutrition and Exercise for Pregnancy
  • Common medical terms
  • Labor and birth interventions, and their benefits and risks
  • Spiritual Preparation for Childbirth
  • Relaxation techniques, including prayer and scripture
  • C Section procedure and VBAC preparation
  • Challenges to normal labor and birth, including things such as GBS+, breech positions, PIH
  • Labor and Birth Positions
  • Informed Consent and Refusal
  • Newborn Care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Care

Should I bring my husband or birth partner, or is this just for expecting moms?

We have witnessed husbands and wives and partners grow in their relationship through taking Alpha classes together. Occasionally one partner has to miss a class, and ideally the partners will debrief and help educate one another about the missed class at a separate time. A birth partner who is not your spouse is welcome if your spouse is unavailable or you do not have a spouse.

Will I need to take the childbirth class offered by the hospital if I take Alpha?

In our opinion, no. Alpha is comprehensive in nature, and you will learn about typical hospital procedures for labor and birth. We do highly recommend taking a tour of your planned delivery location so that you have a good idea of what to expect during your stay.

Are you affiliated with a specific church or denomination?

No. The author and contributors to Alpha as well as Alpha instructors are Christians, all claiming The Nicene Creed. These women come from a wide array of traditions in which they practice their faith in Jesus, from Catholic to Protestant practices, and varying denominations (and non-denominations) within Protestantism.