This Week’s #Devotingmothers Devotional: Blessed

Christian online mothering devotional

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Christian online mothering devotional

Mary responded, “Oh, how my soul praises the Lord.
How my spirit rejoices in God my Savior!
For he took notice of his lowly servant girl,
and from now on all generations will call me blessed.”

Luke 1:46-48



We are living in a moment in history that is defined by unrest.  We watch the news stream on our electronic devices in horror, disbelief spreading as we see what humanity does to our own.  My guess is that your FB news feed is equally as volatile as mine.  So called friendly voices shouting their opinions in “shares” and “likes” as if they are concrete truths with no room for other thoughts.  

It’s more than a bit harrowing to bring a new life into this rocky and unsure world.  Do you wonder, like me, what will come of us all as time marches on? What will our community, country and world look like when it’s our own children playing the part of responsible adult.   

I catch myself sometimes thinking that we are in a unique point in history – that these fears and unknowns didn’t exist at this level in previous generations.  But, I’m not so sure of that when I dig into the bible.  Travel back with me and sit beside Mary.  She lived in a time of unrest too.  And it wasn’t just the greater world outside of her own that was toppled.  Her personal life was full of more questions than answers.   

Christian online mothering devotional Reflection II

When faced with uncertainty Mary surrenders to the Holy Spirit and pours out a song of praise (Luke 1:46-55).  Her words very similar to Hannah’s song, sung hundreds of years before when she discovered she was pregnant after years of praying for a child (1 Samuel 2:1-10).  Both chose to call themselves BLESSED regardless of the circumstances.

So I ask each of us, dear mommas, can we chose to sing a song of praise while we live in the turmoil?  Can we teach our children to do the same? No,we aren’t Mary, but we do each have the same Holy Spirit living inside of us.  We are blessed because of that indwelling.

Reflection III

I am blessed because we have a nice house to entertain guests in, because of the number of I-gadgets in our house, because our family goes out to eat several times a week, because I sometimes indulge in those $100 jeans. The list keeps going of why I am “blessed.” But when I was thinking about what makes me blessed I began feeling silly about all the things I sometimes think I have and how that sometimes equates to being blessed. Yes I am thankful for all the stuff we have but are those reasons to feel blessed? We are blessed beyond measure because we have each other, we have our health, we have our family, we have an amazing church community. The world is so quick to tell us what we are lacking and tells us through others and social media how we need more and I sometimes get caught up in it. Most of the time I snap out of it and remember all I really need is my family, my village, and my faith and that is why we are truly blessed. What makes you blessed?


Christian online mothering devotional Remember

We tend to think that we are blessed when the good comes, the plans go our way and the world’s definition of success is upon us.  And, we are blessed in those sweet and lovely moments.

But, if we walk with Christ, we are blessed at all times.  We are blessed when we hurt.  We are blessed when we fail.  We are blessed when we mess up and disappoint.  We are blessed when we are witness to shattering, mind-blowing tragedies either in our own lives or played out on the screens we watch.  We are blessed because God gave his one and only son to our world and invited us all to come to Him and rest.  

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