Birth Announcements!

Quite a few new Alpha babies have landed in the past seven months! To start, my third child arrived in the end of June. He arrived peacefully, after a labor spent walking the mall with my sister and five of our children, and spent in my bedroom sanctuary, listening to worship music and my midwives’ quiet conversation. It was a time I will always cherish. There are many moments of labor and birth that particularly stand out, the first one is a humbling picture of myself, very pregnant, very much in labor, in the hot Nashville June heat in the mall parking lot, struggling over collapsing my double stroller. A kind soul pulled up and asked if she could help. At that point, I almost had it collapsed so that I could easily toss it in the trunk ( haha), and so I declined. In retrospect, I absolutely ought to have embraced her offer of help! For heaven’s sake, I was in labor and was headed home to have a baby not eight hours later. The second memory of note was when  Josh, Amy (my dear sis who was in town) went for a walk outside (it turned out to be very brief) in the nearly oppressive heat, and I took a break during a contraction and was leaning against our porch column. It was at that moment that our neighbors were pulling into their driveway. We were very visible, and my stance of leaning against the column is not one of a normally healthy individual. Josh thought it would be great fun to tease me very loudly about being a porch support. Whether or not the neighbors heard, or even thought it was funny, it didn’t matter, for I was laughing and drooling down my shirt all the way to the porch floor, as I was already contracting and moaning, which I could not do with closed mouth.

Theo was our surprise baby, and a surprise boy, and is adored by our family, especially our two year old.  The surprise of hearing “it’s a boy!” from Josh’s mouth was one of the best, joy-filled things I could have ever heard after birthing the sweet baby’s 16 inch head (and body)! It took only a couple months to dub him Mr. Happy.

Josh & TheoTheo

Three Alpha instructors have also given birth in the last six months, and we are so thankful for their little one’s healthy arrivals and for healthy mamas, recovering and eager to share their births with you!

Besides celebrating little Theo and friends entering the world in 2013, the first of 2014 Alpha Childbirth celebrates the birth of a new website and many new instructors! January saw the entry of four new Alpha instructors, joining the ranks from Alabama, Michigan, and two in California.  More instructors are joining Alpha, be watching for their introductions, we cannot wait to help you in your journey of a Christ centered birth.

What growth did you experience in 2013?