Christ-Centered Childbirth Education

Alpha teaches parents everything they need to know to make informed decisions about birth and also help them use their faith as the cornerstone for both mental and physical relaxation.

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Andy & Amanda

The Alpha Childbirth Home Study prepared me during my last months of pregnancy to go into birth fearlessly. The study did not merely offer me theories or birth philosophies, but also helped to prepare me spiritually by being in right standing before Christ .My husband and I went into labor wanting above all that the Lord be glorified, so that everyone present at our birth would marvel and want to know our God. I can only praise my savior for giving me such a wonderful birth experience. Thank you Alpha for pointing me to what all of this is really about! God is my main doula and in Him I want to always trust!

Alpha Childbirth classes opened my eyes to what practical faith in Gods grace can look like. I experienced His grace, strength and love so fully in the natural birth of my daughter. Alpha classes gave my husband the strength and determination to help me stand for what we wanted for our daughter. I'd recommend these classes to any Christian couple planning a family!

What we loved and appreciated so much about the Alpha course was the way it took the daunting subject of childbirth and delivered it in a beautifully uncomplicated way. The course provided us with sound medical knowledge along with real-life wisdom...this combination empowered us with the confidence needed to be able to take control of our birth experience.

The Alpha program was the ideal birth educational solution for my husband and I. Because of the preparation the prayers/devotionals, and classes provided I experienced the most serene time of my life during my first birth! These tools helped to truly prepare me for my home water birth that brought forth my beautiful baby boy without a hitch. The amount of focus on the spiritual process of childbirth is what made it perfect for my family!

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